Mission, Vision, & Values


Partnering together to bring transformation in everyday life.


To be fertile ground for transformation on the west side of South Bend by providing space and support for local residents, organizations, and schools to use their strengths for the benefit of the greater west side community.




We are committed to local, organizational partnerships and relationship building. Specifically, we prioritize partnerships that empower marginalized individuals, that maximize opportunities for restoration on the west side of South Bend, or that are faith-based, as The Beacon originated out of a church.



We believe a thriving community is the responsibility of every individual, regardless of background. By leveraging our support, space, resources, and connections, we seek to empower those who are marginalized to drive community revitalization, as we believe they have the most potential for affecting change.

Community Rootedness


We acknowledge that large-scale transformation is bigger than what goes on at The Beacon and takes a generation of relationship-building and collective action. We aim to listen, network, advocate, and share our resources to catalyze long-term transformation on the Lincoln Way West corridor.



We believe in embracing new ideas to innovate and consistently improve. We are an evaluation-driven organization, learning from both our setbacks and successes.